Monday, May 28, 2012

Occupational Therapy Trip to Sweden

 On May 24th 2012, twenty students and faculty from Dominican University landed in Arlanda Airport just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.
 Stockholm Sweden is a city you could only imagine in your dreams... People get around on their immaculately clean buses, ride old beach cruiser bicycles from the 1970's and have one of the highest per capita coffee consumptions in the world (which is great since I am a coffee addict). The people who reside here are gorgeous, skinny, and enjoying life! The pace is relaxed, and the people are friendly.
 The sun "kisses the horizon" in the summer months, never really setting. This photo was taken at 2:45 am! Notice how light it is outside at this time! This was taken from my iphone (no flash, no long exposure).
There were a total of six occupational therapy students who were lucky enough to go on this trip! Five lovely women and one guy (he is taking the photo- Thanks Matt)!

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