Thursday, July 26, 2012

Collage About Ethics In Health Care

To me, ethics in health care is about focusing on client-centered care and working as an interdisciplinary team to treat the patient. The image of the woman with her kidneys highlighted is to show that we can't look at people as an illness. One of the reading emphasized that in the past, health care providers would imagine the illness in the patient and treat the disease rather than the person. I think we need to remember to treat the whole person not just the disease. This includes the person's mental health.

The photograph of the man symbolizes that our patients have lives, they have hobbies, they are real people outside the clinic. I think it is key to interview the patients and be client-centered in our treatments. We need to remember that our clients have lives and we need to assist them in healing and recovery in a way that suits them.

The word rocks are great. These represent the health care provider and the patient. I especially like "transformation" because I think as much as we think that we as health care providers will "transform" the patient from sick to well, the patients are actually helping us transform into better health care providers and help us grow personally and professionally as we witness courage, strength, and faith.

The hand in the upper right corner shows health care works communicating as a team. The main director is depicted as a conductor. For those of you who have seen a symphony play or have played in one you know how important it is to work together and to be "in tune" with each other. The important thing is to watch and listen to each other while also obeying the conductor. This is a perfect metaphor for people in the health care field. We need to listen and to meet with each other as well as follow the ethics guidelines while we give care.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Children Hospital at Ostra Sjukhuset

This is the word for occupational therapy in Swedish. The direct translation would be work therapy. They told us that the word occupation had a slightly negative connotation in their country because of the wars.

Warm sand for children. This device was made specifically for this children's hospital. They use the sand for kids with arthritis. They also use warm parafin, a plastic bag, and mittens for arthritis in children. 

Compression garmet on a stuffed bear.

There was a room dedicated to treating burns. A huge fire a few years back created the need for OT in the children's hospital. Many children needed to be treated for burns. 

Weighted blanket used to calm kids. There was one with balls sewn inside and the other was heavier and had chains inside. 

This was the place children could go with their families to get away from the hospital world. It was geared towards relaxation, play and learning. There was a teens only room, a library, multiple play rooms, craft room, music room, kitchen, outdoor area, and a sensory room!

Sensory Room
The sensory room was painted all white. There was a queen sized bed in the middle of the room. It was complete with a nice down comforter. The bed would vibrate with the relaxing music that could be played in the room. Mats were on the floor so other people could relax there. There were plastic fish floating around in bubbles in a pretend fish tank.

There were plastic lights that were long and cylindrical. They were thin and changed color. This is what they looked like if you laid underneath them. Which we definitely did. It was hard to get us to leave the room.

Kid's Play Therapy Area

The kids can pretend they are the doctors. Usually the siblings pretend there is something wrong with themselves while the actual sick child plays Doc. 

Award Winning Library in the Children's Hospital 

Music Room

Art Room

Playhouse in the Garden

Smart Rehab Team

Vision Bo Aldre, Lillhagsparken 
Click here to learn more about Vision Bo Aldre

These are some of the photos we took while we were there.